He’s Happy Just To Wake Up. Now That’s Gratitude.

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Today I woke up and thought of all the first world problems I had to manage: copious amounts of laundry,…

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“I hope my writings inspire you to live a life of purpose.”

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The Daily Positive 2016 Survey + $25 Giftcards

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We want to make The Daily Positive more relevant to your needs and interests. To do that, we need to…

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Why You Don’t Need To Have Your Life Together

LilyAnne Rice in Happiness, Life, Relationships, The Daily Positive, Uplifting - 0 Comments


An open letter to all you near-graduates out there or people on the verge of a next chapter, We’re supposed…

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6 Personal Beliefs You Need To Lose

Guest Post in Business, Career, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Life - 2 Comments


If you’re a dreamer (and most of us are), you have it.  You think about it.  You dream about it.…

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5 Ways Your Perspective Holds You Back

Kirstin Leigh in Faith, Life, Relationships, Uplifting - 0 Comments


How you perceive things can be the bridge or the barrier to everything you want in life. The great thing…

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Why Caring For A Pet Makes You Happy & Healthy

Guest Post in Happiness, Health & Nutrition, Life - 1 Comment


“So, I’m thinking about getting a puppy…” my friend leans over and whispers in my ear as we drive down…

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What’s Wrong With Your Resumé?

Guest Post in Business, Career - 0 Comments


A client called me and said he was ready to begin looking for a new job. We talked about his…

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5 Simple Steps To Succeed At Work

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Let’s be honest. By clicking on this article, you risked seeing yet another superficial collection of vague motivational tips. Stuff…

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